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My name is Kim McCall and I have been baking cakes for approximately 28+ years. At first it was a hobby, and before I realized it I have cakes coming out of my ears.

I actually went to school for Drafting and Design. I am a graphic designer worked at a very large oil company for 33 years, working in mapping for the first 12 years or so and in graphics for 22 years.

I love challenging, creative work. The creative side of me has even ventured off into many different avenues. I also have my floral license and love flowers. It is almost next to impossible to do a wedding with fresh flowers and then in the same time frame create their wedding cake.

Back in the summer of 2004, I partnered up with a friend who had been baking cakes for 20+ years. We have been together successfully for 2.5 years, but her and her husband got the opportunity to relocate out of state. Now "The Pastry Bag" is totally owned and operated by myself.

I was at a crossroad with The Pastry Bag, deciding whether to continue solo or get out of the cake business all together. I decided to go for it.

In 2007 I discovered a cake organization called International Cake Exploration Society (ICES). I joined and then quickly realized that was the best decision I could have made. I started to attend the quarterly Louisiana ICES meetings and also attended my first ICES Convention which was in 2008 and held in Walt Disney World in Florida. I was hooked.

By attending ICES events, I quickly grew a networking of cake friends and contacts that I would not have had otherwise. Since then I have had the opportunity to take some top notch classes from some awesome cake instructors, which are by the way a lot of them that have been on the Food Network cake challenges and/or TLC cake shows. My cake skills have drastically improved. I still have a whole lot more to learn and refine.

With my skills improving over the last several years, the demand for cake orders has exceeded what I can physically handle and I was getting filled up very quickly and having to turn down orders. With my eye for design and my ability to see and build a cake from the structure up for those unique 3D request, people are recognizing that I offer things that others won’t attempt. And challenges are what I really like to do.

At the beginning of 2011, I started to consider the idea of opening a store location. I looked in Ponchatoula and also in Hammond. I kept hearing nightmare stories of the overhead killing businesses, and the hard task of finding good dependable employees. I started pricing equipment and the whole 9 yards. I was hearing pros and cons from other business owners and took that in consideration. In the middle of getting frustrated, a location opened up about 2 blocks from my house that I have been watching for the past 6 years and thought that would be the perfect location if it ever came available. And sure enough it eventually did. So now the location of my dreams is becoming a reality.

As I look back at my journey, it was all a blessing from God and his plan for my life. If I had jumped into something earlier and the building had been available, I think I would have acted on impulse and made the wrong choice and not waited on God’s timing. That would have been a mistake.

I have truly been so blessed to have awesome customers, and a talent that I love to share through the art of sugar. What more could a cake gal ask for.

Special thanks goes out to Claire Sniff for inviting me to become a business partner for a cake business back in 2004. She was part of God’s plan for me. If it wouldn’t have been for her, I don’t think I would have had the confidence and drive to be where I am today.