Q: What are your prices?
A: Our prices vary depending upon what you are looking for. We can do a cake that feeds as few as 12-18 or we can create a cake to feed 300. Check out our Pricing page and if that doesn't answer your questions, give us a call. There are different elements that can add to the cake price depending upon your request. Just ask!!!
Q: Do you deliver and set up wedding cakes?
A: Yes we do with a minimum of a $150 order. There is no charge for delivery within 15 miles of our location. Past 15 miles we do have a mileage fee. Depending upon gas prices will determine if this policy will be changed. A cake of lesser value can be delivered for a fee but wedding cakes take priority over all deliveries. Priority is determined at the owner’s discression. Since we are closed on Sunday, we can deliver wedding cakes if you have chosen that day, but there will be an additional delivery fee to do so on top of the mileage fee.
Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located just off of I-12, Exit 35, Pumpkin Center/Baptist and are less than a mile from the interstate. The address is 42290 Pumpkin Center Road, Hammond, LA 70403. For more detailed instructions, please click here for a map.
Q: Do you make King Cakes?
A: As of 11/01/11 we do not have king cakes, but when the new shop is open we plan on offering king cakes starting Jan. 2012. We still are in the testing phase.
Q: What are your store hours?
A: We will be closed Sunday and Monday. Our hours will be approx. 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday. Saturday will be 8am – noon. (We will be adjusting hours as we see fit – call if you have any questions) I will be scheduling wedding consultations after hours on an as needed basis.
Q: How do I go about ordering a wedding cake?
A: Your best bet it to schedule a wedding consultation. You will get to taste cake, look at cake photos and I will sketch you out a cake after we determine what you are looking for. Before you leave you will have a firm price as to what the cake will cost you. By scheduling a consultation, I feel that you will get a more concentrated individual attention. I do ask that you not bring children. Their attention span is usually very short and they get board very easily.

You can request a wedding cake by a walk in visit, but there is no guarantee that we will be able to accomplish an adequate consultation due the distractions of the daily demands of a bakery. This is at the discression of the owner.
Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: All pre-orders require a 35% deposit. The balance is due at the time of pickup with the exception of wedding cakes that have to be paid 30 days in advance. Any order placed less than 2 weeks from due date and over $100 must be paid with Credit Card or cash and paid in full when ordered.
Q: How long of a notice do you need to place a cake order?
A: Once in the shop, I will determine how many wedding cakes we can take in any given weekend. The complexity of the design will determine how many we take. Once we that weekend fills up for wedding cakes, no more can be booked.

We will also keep a window open for our regular cake orders, but we will physically only be able to do a certain amount within reason without compromising our quality. Once we hit our limit, no more orders will be able to be placed.

We will offer the opportunity for customers to walk in and buy a cake from the cooler that is pre-made and we will be glad to add someone’s name to the top for the occasion you need it for, but the design choices, flavors, and color will be limited as to what is available.