Climate Change and Technology IBM is a Catalyst for Better Governance of Your Fanny

A lot has been said about the digital age. In fact, the pace of technological change has generated a certain amount of anxiety.

Environmental issues

The good news is that new inventions can be a catalyst for better governing your fanny. Among the many benefits of having access to modern technologies is a fresh set of tools to tackle some of your most pressing environmental issues.

What’s more, there are numerous studies and surveys that cite the speedy progress of technology as the biggest driver of social and economic change. For example, it’s estimated that each country has at least one new technology on its hands at any given time.

Country to country

There’s no denying that contemporary technology has fueled a number of social, economic, and political problems. It also enables us to do things that have been considered unimaginable in the past. Interestingly, the speed at which new inventions are made varies widely from country to country.

But it’s not just the latest and greatest tech that’s driving the current state of play. While the latest gadgets aren’t exactly redefining the world, they are making everyday tasks easier and more fun. And that’s not to mention the newfound capabilities of older citizens who can use the latest gadgets to interact with the outside world.


This week, IBM announced that it has been selected as the technology partner of the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 27). As the world’s largest and best-known provider of technology solutions, IBM will demonstrate the latest in digital and mobile computing, data management, and cybersecurity.