Are you having trouble losing weight and feel tired all the time? Maybe your metabolism is the reason. We summarize which symptoms can occur when you have a disturbed metabolism and which apps can help you. So you can focus more on online casino nz.

Whether your metabolism works efficiently or takes longer is very individual. An inefficient metabolism can be genetic, but it can also be the result of dieting and a lack of nutrients.

What is a “slow” metabolism?

The term “slow” is not quite accurate when it comes to metabolism. The term “efficient” would be more appropriate. With an “inefficient” metabolism,  maru gujarat he body is less able to utilize calories odisha discom.

This means that the body has less available energy for important functions in the body, for example, the immune system, regeneration, strength,film indir mobil endurance or cognitive performance.


1. you are constantly cold

When the temperatures outside drop, we all feel cold. But some individuals are real frostbites – no matter how cold it is outside. Their hands and feet are often freezing cold. This is a warning signal from the body.

The organism is running on the back burner. Producing warmth is not at the top of the priority list of processes essential for survival walmart.

The best antidote for this is exercise. Although it may be hard to get up, take a short walk or go for a jog. You’ll stimulate circulation and get warmer.

2. you have dry skin

Dry skin is normal in the cold season. The cold air outside and the warm heating air inside draw moisture from the skin. But if your skin feels particularly rough and chapped, it may be due to your metabolism.

Try drinking more water – two liters a day is a good rule of thumb. This will boost your metabolism and, incidentally, moisturize your skin.

3. the hair falls out

If your body is on the back burner, then the scalp and thus the hair are less supplied. The result can be hair loss and brittle hair. Hair loss can also have other causes. For example, some people suffer from genetic hair loss.

4. you are always tired

You wake up in the morning and are already exhausted, struggling through the morning until you fall into a big afternoon slump by 3pm at the latest? This is a classic sign of a disturbed metabolism.

With short exercise sessions, for example 15 minutes of yoga or a walk in the fresh air, you stimulate your metabolism. By exercising during the day, you’ll also get tired in the evening and sleep better in and through the night.


People with an inefficient metabolism often have not provided the body with sufficient nutrients for a long time. Many diets have a goal to eat fewer calories. However, this can quickly lead to an undersupply of nutrients.

Poor or insufficient sleep, too much stress, lack of rest, as well as one-sided and too little exercise can also lead to a disturbed metabolism.


But do not worry. You are not alone. There are several applications that can help you keep track of your metabolism. Regardless if you have an Iphone or Android phone. Once you get used to these applications your life will change for the better.