What You Can and Can’t Do When You Turn 18

The 18th birthday is a huge milestone for young adults. It’s the age at which you are legally allowed to travel, own a home, vote, and make a lot of other decisions. But it’s not all fun and games.

Blood donations

Whether you’re a teenager or a teen, there are certain things you can’t do when you turn 18. Some states even require that you have a parent present for tattoos, piercings, or blood donations. And some items, such as gambling, require you to be 21 years old.

However, there are some benefits to being a legal adult. You are able to apply for a loan and get a credit card. Plus, you can get a checking account and make deposits. You can even buy stocks and real estate.

You’re also able to get a job, and you can even get married. In some states, you can even adopt a child.

Borrow money

Having a job is important. If you need to borrow money, having a job may be required to obtain a loan. Having a job also helps you build your credit, and some companies are known to target the younger crowd.

Once you’ve reached 18, you’re legally allowed to drink. However, over consumption can damage your brain. That’s why some states have an under-21 drinking age.

Other legal benefits include being able to join the military without parental approval. You can also sue and get a divorce.


As a legal adult, you are able to sign contracts, sue for things you’ve done, and vote. If you are arrested, you will be tried as an adult.


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